Which package manager is used in Fedora, a Red Hat derived system?

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Which package manager is used in Fedora, a Red Hat derived system?

  • yum
  • tar
  • apt-get
  • vim
  • bash
Explanation & Hint:

The package manager used in Fedora, which is a Red Hat derived system, is DNF (Dandified YUM). DNF replaced YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified) as the default package manager in Fedora 22 and later. YUM was the previous default package manager for Fedora, and it’s still widely recognized in discussions about Fedora’s package management, especially in the context of its evolution.

From the list you provided:

  • yum: While this was historically correct, it has been superseded by DNF in Fedora. However, as of Fedora 22 (released in 2015), DNF is the default.
  • tar: This is not a package manager; it is a utility for archiving files.
  • apt-get: This package manager is used in Debian-based systems, not Fedora.
  • vim: This is a text editor, not a package manager.
  • bash: This is a command shell and scripting language, not a package manager.

Therefore, for current Fedora systems, the answer reflecting the modern package management tool would be DNF, but from the choices given and considering historical context, yum is the closest correct answer.

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