Which of the following are examples of text editors?

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Which of the following are examples of text editors?
(choose four)

  • pico​
  • vim
  • emacs
  • nano
  • Yum
Answers Explanation & Hint:

Four examples of text editors from the given options are:

  1. pico: pico is a simple and lightweight text editor commonly found on Unix-based systems. It provides basic editing functionalities and is often used for quick editing tasks.
  2. vim: vim, short for “Vi Improved,” is a highly configurable and powerful text editor inspired by the classic vi editor. It is known for its extensive features, including syntax highlighting, code folding, macros, and plugins. Vim is popular among programmers and system administrators.
  3. emacs: emacs is a versatile and extensible text editor known for its extensive customization options and built-in functionalities. It offers features like syntax highlighting, macro recording, and supports various programming languages. Emacs is known for its powerful editing capabilities and its ability to function as an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming.
  4. nano: nano is a user-friendly and beginner-friendly text editor available on many Unix-like systems. It aims to be easy to use with simple keyboard shortcuts and a straightforward interface.

Yum, on the other hand, is not a text editor. It is a command-line package manager used primarily in RPM-based Linux distributions to install, update, and manage software packages.

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