What is CPython?

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What is CPython?

  • It’s the default, reference implementation of the C language, written in Python
  • It’s a programming language that is a supperset of the Python, designed to produce C-like performance with code written in Python
  • It’s the default, reference implementation of Python, written in the C language
  • It’s a programming that is a superset of the C language, designed to produce Python-like performance with code written in C
Explanation & Hint:

CPython is the default, reference implementation of Python, written in the C language. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

  • Default Python Implementation: CPython is the most widely used implementation of the Python programming language. It is considered the “default” or “reference” version because it is the original and most developed version, against which other implementations are often compared.
  • Written in C: CPython is implemented in the C programming language. This means the core engine that interprets Python code is written in C, which helps it interact efficiently with the underlying hardware.
  • Execution: CPython compiles Python code into bytecode, which is then interpreted by the CPython virtual machine. This process is part of what makes Python relatively easy to use, though it may not be as fast as fully compiled languages like C++.

The other descriptions you mentioned sound like hypothetical or incorrect definitions that mix elements of different programming concepts or tools.

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