The two main families of Linux shells are:

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The two main families of Linux shells are:
(choose two)

  • C Shell
  • Bourne Shell
  • Emacs
  • Python Shell
  • Korn shell
Explanation & Hint:

The two main families of Linux shells you’ve mentioned are important groups or types of shells within the Unix-like systems, including Linux. From the choices given, the correct answers that represent the two main families are:

  1. C Shell: The C Shell (csh) and its derivative, the TC Shell (tcsh), form one of the main families of Unix shells. They are known for their C-like syntax, making them appealing to programmers familiar with the C programming language.
  2. Bourne Shell: The Bourne Shell (sh) is another foundational family of Unix shells. This family includes many popular shells like the Bourne-Again Shell (Bash), which is widely used in many Linux distributions, as well as other derivatives like the Almquist Shell (ash) and the Debian Almquist Shell (dash).

The other options are not considered main families of Linux shells:

  • Emacs is not a shell but a powerful text editor that can emulate a shell environment within its interface.
  • Python Shell refers to the interactive interpreter for the Python programming language, not a traditional command-line shell for system management.
  • Korn Shell (ksh) is actually part of the Bourne Shell family and would be a correct answer if the focus was on derivatives or extensions of the Bourne Shell rather than distinguishing between the two main families.

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