A package manager:

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A package manager:
(choose two)

  • Performs a fresh install of Linux
  • Keeps track of which files belong to which packages
  • Downloads software from the Internet
  • Emails you when software is out of date
  • Can optionally repartition your disk to make room for Linux
Answers Explanation & Hint:

Two characteristics of a package manager are:

  1. Keeps track of which files belong to which packages: A package manager maintains a database or registry of installed software packages on a system. It keeps track of the files, dependencies, and configurations associated with each package, ensuring proper management and organization of the installed software.
  2. Downloads software from the Internet: A package manager is responsible for fetching and retrieving software packages from online repositories or other sources. It can download and install software, including updates and dependencies, making it convenient for users to obtain and manage software on their systems.

Performing a fresh install of Linux, emailing you when software is out of date, and repartitioning your disk to make room for Linux are not specific functions of a package manager. Performing a fresh install typically involves a separate installation program or installer specific to the operating system. Email notifications and disk partitioning tasks are also typically handled by separate tools or utilities outside the scope of a package manager.

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