2.3 Apple macOS

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2.3 Apple macOS

Apple makes the macOS operating system, which is partially based on software from the FreeBSD project and has undergone UNIX certification. macOS is well known for being “easy to use”, and as such has continued to be favored by users with limited access to IT resources like schools and small businesses. It is also very popular with programmers due to its robust UNIX underpinnings.

On the server side, macOS Server is primarily aimed at smaller organizations. This low-cost addition to macOS desktop allows users to collaborate, and administrators to control access to shared resources. It also provides integration with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Some large corporate IT departments allow users to choose macOS since users often require less support than standard Microsoft productivity deployments. The continued popularity of macOS has ensured healthy support from software vendors. macOS is also quite popular in the creative industries such as graphics and video production. For many of these users, application choice drives the operating system decision. Apple hardware, being integrated so closely with the operating system, and their insistence on adherence to standards in application programming gives these creative professionals a stable platform to perform many computing-intense functions with fewer concerns about compatibility.

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